Success stories

Discover how Timestamp's technological solutions have transformed companies around the world.

Explore our success stories and see how we help organizations overcome challenges, optimize processes and reach new levels of efficiency and growth.


Success Story - An Adaptable and Integrable CRM for Humeco

Discover how Humeco, a leader in the veterinary and livestock sector, transformed customer relationship management through the implementation of Salesforce Sales, optimizing processes and reducing costs.


Success Story - An ERP to Transform the Management of Eugenio Pereda Saneamientos

Discover how Eugenio Pereda, a pioneer in plumbing, heating, and bathroom materials, revolutionized customer and operations management with the implementation of SAP Business One.


Success Story - Business Optimization for Ecilimp

Discover how Ecilimp improved efficiency and achieved seamless international operations with SAP Business One.


Success Story - Streamlined HR Data Management for Maxxium

Discover how Maxxium transformed its employee data management with SAP SuccessFactors, achieving more efficient and secure processes.


Success Story - Process Automation for Ultramar

Discover how Ultramar, a leader in maritime services and logistics, optimized and automated its operations by integrating SAP Intelligent RPA, resulting in greater efficiency and cost savings.


Success Story - CRM Integration for Bluetab

Discover how Bluetab transformed its operational efficiency and data management with the implementation of SAP Business One, optimizing processes and improving data quality.


Success Story - Efficient HR Data Management for Concha y Toro

Discover how Concha y Toro optimized and automated its HR and business processes with SAP ERP, ensuring sustainable growth and international expansion.


Success Story - Enhanced Customer Management for Soloptical

Discover how Soloptical optimized and centralized its customer management and operations with SAP Business One, resulting in improved efficiency and support for its rapid growth.


Success Story - Digital Transformation in Consumer Goods with SAP Business One

Discover how D. Sancho Melero, an icon in the production of traditional Spanish recipes since 1948, revolutionized production and operations management with the implementation of SAP Business One.

Success Story - Payment System Innovation with Salesforce Sales

Discover how Wannme, a customizable and flexible payment platform, transformed sales and payment management with the implementation of Salesforce Sales, optimizing processes and maximizing opportunities.


Case Study - Transformation and efficiency with SAP Business ByDesign

Discover how Marin's, now Quad Group, overcame significant technological challenges by adopting SAP Business ByDesign, gaining efficiency and real-time control over its business processes.


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