We are IBM Partners

Discover how our partnership with IBM can drive your company's innovation

As a top IBM partner, we excel in leveraging a wide range of IBM technological solutions to drive innovation and efficiency in organizations. 

We develop and implement solutions using various IBM tools, allowing us to support your organization in overcoming current technological challenges and preparing for new opportunities.


Partner of the Year 2021 IBM Cloud & Cognitive Fastest Growth

IBM Partner of the year 2022 - Automation

IBM Partner of the year 2022 - Annuity

IBM Platinum Business Partner in 2022, 2023, and 2024

Technologies and Solutions

Discover IBM technologies you can use in your projects

Explore IBM solutions and see how they can transform and drive your projects, ensuring greater efficiency and fostering innovation.

Trust an experienced and certified team in IBM technologies

Our team, with more than 90 IBM badges and certifications, represents Timestamp's commitment to IBM technologies. 

By choosing Timestamp, you are trusting a qualified team with certified training for the effective implementation, management, and optimization of IBM technologies, tailored to the specific needs of your business.

This is the Timestamp team responsible for managing the IBM partnership


Luís Barata

Partnership Commercial Manager


Rogério Cristo

Partnership Technical Manager