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At Timestamp, we have a team of highly skilled specialists dedicated to innovative projects in App Modernization, Data & AI, Cognitive Intelligence, and Infrastructure Modernization. 

In every project we've developed over the years, we commit to excellence to exceed our Clients' expectations.

Discover the Google Cloud technologies you can apply to your projects

Explore the universe of Google technologies and discover how they can drive your projects in various areas. 

Data Science and AI

Data Foundation


Data Management & Governance

Data Operations


Invest in Google Workspace for your teams

Timestamp has a highly specialized team in Google Workspace, ready to support Implementation, Change Management, onboarding, and account migrations to Google Workspace.

Google Workspace is a suite of online productivity and collaboration tools offered by Google. It includes popular applications like Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Meet, with four key points:


Encryption & Verification



Discover some of the Timestamp offerings that use Google Cloud technology


These are some companies that trust Timestamp as a Google partner

case studies

Explore two successful Timestamp cases using Google Cloud tools


AICEP Portugal Global


Auchan Retail Portugal

Trust an experienced and certified team in Google technologies

Trust an experienced and certified team in Google technologies



professionals who work with Google



Google certifications

This is the Timestamp team responsible for managing the Google Cloud partnership


Nuno Almeida

Google partnership manager


Filipe Nogueira

Google partnership manager


Rute Costa

Cloud functionalities manager