We are Salesforce partners for your business's digital transformation

Discover how our partnership with Salesforce can drive innovation in your company

Timestamp stands out in the Salesforce partner ecosystem with a triad of essential competencies: we are certified in services, managed services, and Salesforce license resale. We cover the full spectrum of Digital Transformation, from marketing and digital commerce to field service, creating online experiences and optimizing operations.

As Consulting Partners of Salesforce, with the distinction of Crest Consulting Partner, we ensure our teams have the technical skills to offer specialized Salesforce services. We are one of three Authorized Cloud Resellers in Portugal, enabling us to sell licenses directly to our clients.

We specialize in Salesforce solutions for specific sectors, including Financial Services, Communication Cloud, and Consumer Goods, leveraging Salesforce's vertical clouds like Telco Cloud, Health Cloud, and Public Sector Cloud, designed with KPIs and modules to meet the unique challenges of these sectors. Furthermore, we are at the forefront of sustainability with our specialization path in the Net Zero Cloud, helping clients who have embarked on their ESG journey.

Discover how Timestamp's partnership with Salesforce can transform your business, enhance your operations, and create better experiences for your customers.

With Timestamp, ensure a complete journey with Salesforce: from initial assessment to maintenance

At Timestamp, we cover all stages of a Salesforce solution implementation project, from the initial assessment phase through implementation to ongoing maintenance and support. 

Our integrated approach ensures that each step is meticulously planned, executed to maximize success, and guarantees a return on investment.



Maintenance and Support


Discover the Salesforce universe and how to apply it to your business

We tackle our clients' digital transformation challenges by leveraging the full potential of the Salesforce ecosystem. 

With an approach that goes beyond standard solutions, we integrate third-party systems to achieve a seamless and integrated user experience. 

Discover how Salesforce technologies and solutions can be applied to your projects to drive innovation, optimize processes, and create added value sustainably.

Count on an experienced and certified team in Salesforce technologies

Our team of approximately 70 consultants covers all areas needed for Salesforce project implementation. This includes system administrators, data scientists, marketers, developers, consultants, and architects, to ensure excellent projects. 

Functionally, we specialize in six industries — retail, automotive, public sector, healthcare, finance, and telecommunications — allowing us to offer tailored solutions for sector-specific challenges.

We have over 120 certifications covering all areas of Salesforce, including architecture, artificial intelligence, and analytics. By working with us, you ensure the support of a dedicated and highly qualified team, ready to transform your projects into success stories.

Meet the Timestamp team responsible for managing the Salesforce partnership


Alexandra Casimiro

Salesforce Partnership Manager