Big Data

Learn how data can optimize your results and create new development opportunities for your business

Accessing and analysing big data - the vast amount of data on a company's servers - can generate relevant insights about the business and suggest ways to improve.

With Timestamp's Big Data consulting services, assess and optimize your current Big Data solution, define a product strategy and identify the best technologies to convert your data into more profitable opportunities.

Obtain a more comprehensive view of your data with interactive reports and intuitive dashboards that make analysis more accessible and make decisions faster, optimizing time to gain insights using tools based on machine learning and artificial intelligence.

With the help of Timestamp, you can also incorporate analytics into your products and services to reveal insights that improve your business performance and unlock new opportunities for growth.


Find out which industries can benefit from our Big Data solutions


Due to the large amount of data they receive, it is essential for banking and insurance institutions to have an effective data management in place. Count on Timestamp for a specialized Big Data solution.


Choose the type of offer that best fits your company

We work with different types of offer, so you can choose the one that best fits your project and your needs.


“Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people.” Steve Jobs

José António


“The future is always in the hands of those who know how to anticipate it.” Enzo Ferrari

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“Alone we are good, but united we are stronger."

João Barreto


We work with the best partners to ensure the best solutions for each project.

Learn about the industries we serve

Banking and Insurance

With a long history of collaboration in the finance and insurance sector, Timestamp brings together deep technical skills in these areas.

Trust our know-how to implement solutions that will transform your business and make it more digital. We rise to the growth, efficiency and risk management challenges in these fields.

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Our work in Healthcare can support the operational, clinical or financial systems of organizations. We always strive to provide health professionals and their patients a high level of quality and rigor.

Benefit from the latest technologies applied to the Health sector. Timestamp has a multidisciplinary teams at your disposal to streamline services and foster optimal process quality.

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Government & Public Services

Timestamp has a vast experience in digitalization projects for the Portuguese’s local and central government services. Our skills contribute to a more modern and digital Public Sector with a view to improving people’s lives.

Together, we can accelerate the Digital Transformation of the government and public services, through simpler, integrated and proactive services. Our experience, skills and partnerships are at the service of people and organizations.

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Industries and Services

Our projects in the Industry and Services sector focus on the planning and implementation of services such as financial consolidation, planning, procurement and logistics.

We also load large volumes of data (SAS Data Loader) and develop customized dashboards.

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Retail and Logistics

In the Retail and Logistics sector, we provide data and progress analysis services, as well as maintenance, migration and merging of platforms.

We support our customers with training sessions in Hyperion Financial Management, in remote management of Oracle and Exadata databases and in the implementation of SAS Visual Analytics and HCM.

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Timestamp's work in the field of Aeronautics stands out for developing a process for the dematerialization of invoices. We also focus on logistics and HCM support, on implementing of Datacenter and Disaster Recovery units, on unifying financial data and on applying current technologies.

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Energy and TELCOS

Timestamp provides a variety of tools for the Energy and TELCOS sector, which enables them to determine general and high-level status in the implemented modules, as well as to identify critical issues, solutions, and gaps in knowledge and skills.

We support our customers with Big Data & Analytics management, platform implementation and maintenance, data migration, deployment of consultants, as well as with training sessions in this area.

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Life Sciences

Our support in Life Sciences includes the implementation of comprehensive solutions such as content management, data migration, identification of critical issues, development of Oracle platforms, database and middleware management.

This offer aims to support our customers' core applications, increasing their efficiency and agility, while the effort of the involved agents is reduced.