Information Security Policy

The TIMESTAMP Group, comprising of Timestamp SI, Timestamp:biw and Timestamp SGS considers information to be a strategic asset for the fulfilment of its mission as an Integrator of Technology Services.

The TIMESTAMP Group assumes the following commitments towards interested parties:

  • The assessment of security risks to information, the analysis of the results and deciding upon the implementation of the processing controls described in the Applicability Declaration with the aim of progressively reducing the level of risk to which they are exposed;
  • To ensure the conformity of the Integrated Management System in accordance with contractual requirements, Norm ISO/IEC27001 and other applicable legislation;
  • To observe the principles of information security: Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability;
  • To ensure ongoing improvements by close attention to the management of incidents, the periodic carrying out of audits and the systematic monitoring of the aims of the Integrated Management System;

To communicate and promote awareness on the part of personnel of the guidelines for this policy, their individual contribution and responsibility for their fulfilment.

Lisbon, 10th of May 2021

The Management Team,

João Miguel Simão Trindade Veiga
Luís Miguel Leão da Silva
Nuno Jorge Alves Dias