Success Story - An Adaptable and Integrable CRM for Humeco

Success Story - An Adaptable and Integrable CRM for Humeco

Discover how Humeco, a leader in the veterinary and livestock sector, transformed customer relationship management through the implementation of Salesforce Sales, optimizing processes and reducing costs.

Humeco: Leader in Veterinary and Livestock Innovation in Spain

Humeco (Consorcio Mercantil de Huesca S.L.) is a company in the veterinary and livestock sector, specializing in animal reproduction, health and hygiene, training, analysis, and supply of veterinary and livestock equipment.

Market leader in animal reproduction and veterinary ultrasound, offering an extensive range of zoosanitary and biosecurity products, being a reference in the Spanish market.

Challenges in Customer Management in the Veterinary Sector: The Humeco Case

Humeco was looking for a CRM system that suited its specific customer management needs. It needed to be integrated with its Navision ERP to optimize communication between teams dispersed geographically across the country.

Implemented Solution: Integration of Salesforce CRM with Navision ERP

After a detailed evaluation, Humeco chose to implement Salesforce Sales.

This solution perfectly aligned with Humeco's digitalization and connectivity requirements and provided seamless integration with the existing ERP.

Thus, it enhanced centralized contact management and optimized commercial processes.

Impact of Salesforce CRM on Humeco's Efficiency

With the implementation of Salesforce Sales, Humeco achieved a range of benefits:

  • Centralization of customer information from various channels, such as trade fairs, websites, and social networks.
  • Improvement in customer and contact management, providing the sales team with updated and unified information.
  • Optimization of commercial processes, resulting in greater efficiency and a reduction in ERP licensing costs for the sales team.
  • Reduction of administrative work for the sales force, allowing them to focus on value-added activities.

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