Success Story - Enhanced Customer Management for Soloptical

Success Story - Enhanced Customer Management for Soloptical

Discover how Soloptical optimized and centralized its customer management and operations with SAP Business One, resulting in improved efficiency and support for its rapid growth.

Soloptical: innovation in the optical market in Spain

Since 1993, Soloptical has established itself as a leading optical chain in Spain, offering specialized services with a team of over 1700 professionals.

Due to extensive growth over the years, the company faced significant challenges related to the management and effective intercommunication between its stores, spread across the peninsula, the Balearic Islands, and the Canary Islands.

Challenges of Rapid Growth: The Soloptical Case

With rapid expansion, Soloptical needed a solution to integrate and centralize information from all its stores and departments.

The absence of a unified system hindered operational efficiency and internal communication, crucial factors in supporting the company's continuous growth.

Implemented Solution: SAP Business One

Soloptical selected SAP Business One for its ability to unify business processes and provide reliable information for decision-making.

The implementation included digitizing and centralizing business processes, with customization through development tools to meet Soloptical's specific needs.

Impact of SAP Business One on Soloptical

The implementation of SAP Business One revolutionized Soloptical's operations:

  • Unified business processes in a single system, facilitating oversight and operational control.
  • Digitalization of processes significantly improved operational efficiency, allowing faster and more informed decision-making.
  • The new technological infrastructure supported the continuous expansion of the company, enabling the opening of new stores with greater ease.

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