Success Story - Streamlined HR Data Management for Maxxium

Success Story - Streamlined HR Data Management for Maxxium

Discover how Maxxium transformed its employee data management with SAP SuccessFactors, achieving more efficient and secure processes.

Maxxium: Leading Beverage Distribution in Spain

Maxxium Spain, a joint venture owned by BeamSuntory and Edrington, handles the sales, marketing, and distribution of spirits.

With a central office in Madrid and over 200 employees, Maxxium distributes more than 50 brands of spirits across Spain.

Challenges in Employee Data Management: The Maxxium Case

With the growth of its product portfolio and the corresponding operational complexity, Maxxium faced the challenge of managing its employees' data effectively.

The need for a solution that would centralize, simplify and secure data management became a priority in order to maintain compliance and efficiency.

Implemented Solution: SAP SuccessFactors

Maxxium implemented SAP SuccessFactors to centralize and secure its employee data management.

The solution provided a single, secure platform for managing HR processes, generating reports, and facilitating more efficient workflows.

Impact of SAP SuccessFactors on Maxxium

With SAP SuccessFactors, Maxxium achieved:

  • Centralized and secure data management: ensuring data integrity and compliance.
  • Efficient communication: faster data sharing among process participants.
  • Enhanced reporting capabilities: generating detailed and actionable reports.
  • Reduced manual work: streamlined processes for better productivity.


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