Success Story - Business Optimization for Ecilimp

Success Story - Business Optimization for Ecilimp

Discover how Ecilimp improved efficiency and achieved seamless international operations with SAP Business One.

Ecilimp: Leading Professional Services in Spain

Ecilimp was founded over six decades ago in Écija, a town with 40,000 inhabitants in the province of Seville. Initially focused on cleaning and waste collection services, the company has since diversified into various areas such as environmental services, installations, social healthcare, and civil works.

Challenges of an Inadequate System: The Ecilimp Case

Ecilimp lacked the necessary functionalities for its business operations, including advanced analytics.

The company needed a more flexible and scalable system to meet its current administrative demands and integrate its various business areas into a single management system.

Implemented Solution: SAP Business One

Ecilimp chose SAP Business One for its comprehensive capabilities and flexibility to support the company's evolving needs.

The implementation focused on providing multiple applications to cover various business aspects and integrate seamlessly with SAP Business One.

Impact of SAP Business One on Ecilimp

With SAP Business One, Ecilimp achieved numerous benefits:

  • Complete traceability: ensured full control over stock management, enhancing customer experience.
  • Automated deliveries: transporters used apps to automatically register deliveries, saving significant time in logistics.
  • Fiscal information access: professionals could retrieve necessary fiscal information about their purchases via the web.
  • Customized reports: allowed for personalized reporting to suit specific business needs.
  • Enhanced efficiency: streamlined operations and improved overall business efficiency.

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