Success Story - Process Automation for Ultramar

Success Story - Process Automation for Ultramar

Discover how Ultramar, a leader in maritime services and logistics, optimized and automated its operations by integrating SAP Intelligent RPA, resulting in greater efficiency and cost savings.

Ultramar: Innovation and Expansion in Maritime Commerce in Latin America

Founded in 1952 by Captain Albert von Appen, Ultramar started as a Maritime Agency for major shipping lines and has since significantly expanded.

Initially focusing on foreign trade, Ultramar has evolved over the years, offering a wide range of services in the sector.

Challenges During a Restructuring Period: The Ultramar Case

Ultramar faced a critical restructuring period and needed a solution that would allow continuous optimization of its business processes.

The company sought ways to automate repetitive administrative tasks to increase operational efficiency and reduce costs.

The lack of an integrated tool that could facilitate these automations was a significant obstacle, affecting the agility and capability of the company to respond quickly and efficiently to market changes.

Implemented Solution: Greater Automation and Optimization with SAP Intelligent RPA

To overcome these challenges, Ultramar adopted SAP Intelligent RPA.

This solution enabled the company to automate previously outsourced processes and simplify internal operations, integrating seamlessly with other business systems.

Impact of SAP Intelligent RPA on Ultramar

The implementation of SAP Intelligent RPA brought several benefits to Ultramar:

  • Automation of services: some processes that were outsourced are now insourced, providing more efficient operations and reducing costs.
  • Agility and efficiency: significant improvements in service agility, allowing quicker and more efficient responses.
  • Integration with existing systems: the adopted solution integrated seamlessly with existing business tools, strengthening the company's IT ecosystem.
  • Cost reduction: the new system allowed for considerable cost savings by reducing the dependency on external services.

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