Success Story - An ERP to Transform the Management of Eugenio Pereda Saneamientos

Success Story - An ERP to Transform the Management of Eugenio Pereda Saneamientos

Discover how Eugenio Pereda, a pioneer in plumbing, heating, and bathroom materials, revolutionized customer and operations management with the implementation of SAP Business One.

Eugenio Pereda Saneamientos: Innovation and Tradition in the Retail Sector in Spain

Founded in 1953, Eugenio Pereda Saneamientos is a reference in the retail market specializing in plumbing, heating, and bathroom materials.

With a focus on serving both private individuals and professionals, the company faced the challenge of efficiently managing these two distinct customer segments.

Challenge in Modernizing and Integrating Systems

The need to adapt and evolve the administrative management system to meet modern demands was evident.

The company sought a solution that would integrate all management areas into a single robust and scalable system capable of supporting its expansion and diversification.

Implemented Solution: SAP Business One Integration

After a rigorous decision-making process, Eugenio Pereda chose SAP Business One for its ability to offer a comprehensive and integrated solution.

The implementation focused on customizing the system to meet the company’s specific needs, integrating functionalities such as inventory management, logistics, and personalized reports.

Impact of SAP Business One on Eugenio Pereda Saneamientos

The implementation of SAP Business One transformed Eugenio Pereda’s operations:

  • Centralization of customer data, accessible through multiple applications integrated with SAP Business One.
  • Complete product traceability through rigorous inventory control, enhancing the customer experience.
  • Automatic recording of deliveries, optimizing logistics processes and saving time and resources.
  • Easy access to tax information for professionals via the web platform.
  • Capability to create detailed and personalized reports for more effective management.

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