Success Story - Digital Transformation in Consumer Goods with SAP Business One

Success Story - Digital Transformation in Consumer Goods with SAP Business One

Discover how D. Sancho Melero, an icon in the production of traditional Spanish recipes since 1948, revolutionized production and operations management with the implementation of SAP Business One.

D. Sancho Melero: Evolution and Expansion in the Consumer Goods Market

Founded in 1948, D. Sancho Melero started as a small bakery and over the years diversified its production, becoming a reference in the consumer goods industry in Spain.

With a revenue of over 10 million euros and a team of 30 permanent employees, the company felt the need to modernize its infrastructure to support the expansion and diversification of its business.

Challenges in Modernizing Business Management

Before the implementation of SAP Business One, D. Sancho Melero struggled with an outdated system that did not meet business needs. 

The lack of adequate functionalities, such as cost analysis and inventory control, resulted in significant losses and operational inefficiencies.

Implemented Solution: SAP Business One for Integrated Management

Opting for SAP Business One, D. Sancho Melero sought a solution that met its immediate needs but was also capable of scaling as the business grew. 

The implementation focused on digitizing and centralizing business processes, allowing for more efficient and integrated management.

Impact of SAP Business One on D. Sancho Melero

The implementation of SAP Business One brought several significant benefits to D. Sancho Melero, revolutionizing their operations:

  • The company now benefits from accurate analyses that allow for effective business growth control.
  • SAP Business One adapts to the company's growth pace, supporting continuous expansion and diversification of business lines.
  • The entry into new international markets is facilitated, supporting the globalization of their products.
  • With the platform, they implemented more precise stock control, essential for effective resource management.
  • The system was implemented in record time, allowing a smooth and quick transition to the new platform.

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