Success Story - Efficient HR Data Management for Concha y Toro

Success Story - Efficient HR Data Management for Concha y Toro

Discover how Concha y Toro optimized and automated its HR and business processes with SAP ERP, ensuring sustainable growth and international expansion.

Concha y Toro: Tradition and Innovation in the Wine Industry

Founded in 1883 by Melchor Concha y Toro, the company has become a global reference in the wine industry, known for the quality of its products and present in more than 130 countries.

Maintaining a tradition of excellence, Concha y Toro aims to innovate and expand its operations while preserving the quality and tradition that characterize its wines, renowned worldwide.

Challenge: Integration and Automation to Support Global Expansion

To support continuous growth and international expansion, Concha y Toro faced the challenge of modernizing and integrating its production management, business, and quality control systems.

They needed a solution that would provide a global view of operations, improve information quality, and automate repetitive processes.

Solution Implemented: SAP ERP for Integrated Management

By choosing SAP ERP as their strategic platform, Concha y Toro implemented a comprehensive solution that supports detailed documentation of each wine, from grape characteristics to winemaking and bottling techniques.

The system facilitates materials management, production, and quality control, providing a solid foundation for decision-making and efficient resource management.

Impact of SAP ERP on Concha y Toro

With SAP ERP, Concha y Toro achieved:

  • Precise documentation of the characteristics of each wine, promoting consistency and quality over time.
  • Reduction of errors and risks associated with manual control, increasing the reliability of operations.
  • Elimination of manual records of quality control processes, streamlining operations and ensuring compliance with international standards.

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