Success Story: Timestamp & AICEP Portugal Global

News 3/10/2023

Success Story: Timestamp & AICEP Portugal Global

For AICEP, we have created a BI Platform capable of ensuring quick and effective access to a set of management performance reports and indicators.

AICEP has initiated a digital transformation process by creating a suite of online tools to support Portuguese export companies, investors, and other stakeholders, as well as tools to aid their employees. Consequently, the need arose to establish a Business Intelligence (BI) Platform, facilitating swift and effective access to a set of management performance reports and indicators.

To tackle this challenge, we constructed a Data Lake with Cloud Storage and BigQuery, enabling us to store data from various operational sources. This solution allowed us to develop Data Pipelines using BigQuery and Composer, enabling data input into a Data Warehouse. From there, we implemented a Presentation Layer that can provide ad-hoc Subject Areas and Dashboards for end-users through Data Studio.

The final result is a BI Portal featuring customized Dashboards and Reports, capable of presenting information on globally significant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) related to AICEP's Commercial Operations and Global Delegations.

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